Ask a mildly well-informed epicure, edition #1

I got some fan mail this week.



By “fan mail,” I mean the following query:

Dear Kosher Epicurean,

My wife won’t eat eggplant, the national vegetable of Israel! What can I do to trick her into liking it? 
Chatziliciously yours,
Starving in the Holy Land

The “Underground” isn’t so underground anymore…


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It takes me quite a while to work my way through the various publications we get in the mail, but when they are food related I dedicate myself to the task and persist until I have devoured every last word. The recent food issue of the New Yorker, which was delightful from cover to cover, featured a piece on the rise of the underground supper club. Those who know me will know this is an issue quite close to my heartContinue reading

Lazy Sunday Brunch- With a Twist

Hello there!



ImageHow was your weekend? Mine was quite lovely. We had an old friend in town for the weekend, which always call for a great brunch. Because of the kosher rules that prohibit the mixing of milk and meat, I almost always opt for a dairy brunch – cheesy omelets, buttery pancakes (well actually buttermilk pancakes- always buttermilk! But that’s a story for a different time), coffee with cream, you get the idea.  Continue reading

And with this, we are off!

Hi Friends!


(Totally bowled over by the cote de beouf at Moise in Jerusalem)

This blog is inspired by my love of food and drink. When I started keeping kosher about 8 years ago, I had already been lucky enough to travel quite a bit. I dined (and a bit of wined, even though I wasn’t quite the right age – shhh) in mainstays of the New York restaurant scene and in Alsatian hole-in-the-walls. I tasted pate in France and biltong in South Africa. Continue reading