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And with this, we are off!

Hi Friends!


(Totally bowled over by the cote de beouf at Moise in Jerusalem)

This blog is inspired by my love of food and drink. When I started keeping kosher about 8 years ago, I had already been lucky enough to travel quite a bit. I dined (and a bit of wined, even though I wasn’t quite the right age – shhh) in mainstays of the New York restaurant scene and in Alsatian hole-in-the-walls. I tasted pate in France and biltong in South Africa.

At the time, deciding to keep kosher seemed like the end of an era. I was happy with the decision I had made, but I thought it meant I would be limiting myself considerably in terms of culinary adventures. Now though, I realize it was just the start of an entirely new journey. By working within the limits of kashrut, I’ve become a more adventurous eater and a more talented cook. I love the thrill of finding a great new kosher product or adapting a dish creatively to fit within a kosher structure. When I travel now, I may not seek out Michelin-starred restaurants, but finding the local kosher joint always means I will come out with a good story.

Here on this blog, I’ll share recipes, cooking tips, food adventures and misadventures, great kosher products, and restaurant reviews. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please be in touch with any thoughts, and b’teavon!


About kosherepicure

This is about being a different kind of foodie- the kosher kind. Welcome to my misadventures. Enjoy!

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