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Lazy Sunday Brunch- With a Twist

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ImageHow was your weekend? Mine was quite lovely. We had an old friend in town for the weekend, which always call for a great brunch. Because of the kosher rules that prohibit the mixing of milk and meat, I almost always opt for a dairy brunch – cheesy omelets, buttery pancakes (well actually buttermilk pancakes- always buttermilk! But that’s a story for a different time), coffee with cream, you get the idea. 

Last year the hubs and I took a weekend trip to New York to visit friends, and a reunion brunch was on the agenda. We ended up going to Le Marais, a wonderful steakhouse in midtown, which reminded me of all the joys of having meat at breakfast that I had forgotten about from my childhood. The truth is, you don’t miss too much by leaving out the dairy (soymilk can do wonders for coffee, baked goods, etc) and you gain the wonderful joy that is sausage. Or duck prosciutto. Or lamb bacon. Ahh the list is endless and thinking about it now makes me want it to be Sunday again so we can have another brunch!

Right. So this past Sunday we opted for a fantastic meat brunch, which is very easy to make at home. Neshama Gourmet makes absolutely delicious breakfast sausages which hit a delightful note between sweet and savory, and they are relatively accessible (in many major grocery stores and also available online). I gave the sausages a quick turn on the griddle, then sauteed some mushrooms for a hearty frittata. Our accompaniment to this rich duo was toast with squares of homemade quince paste – but you can use any good quality jam. With a cup of coffee and glass of orange juice on the side, I promise you will not miss that cheddar in your omelet or cream cheese on your toast.

The key to a great brunch is simply hitting a balance of savory and sweet, whether meat or dairy. I have to say, it’s my absolute favorite meal!


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One response to “Lazy Sunday Brunch- With a Twist

  1. This looks delicious! I haven’t had breakfast sausages since starting to keep kashrut. Great idea thanks for the inspiration!

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