Hi Folks!



(That’s me up there, super excited to try some fantastic beef tacos)

I love food. Like, a whole lot. I love cooking, eating, scouting out new products, and talking about all of it! I love “high food” and greasy spoons equally. As long as it’s made with passion, I’m game.

Keeping kosher makes my constant pursuit of all things culinary even more interesting. Instead of relying on reviews in the New York Times, Michelin stars, and Zagats, I seek out great food and products through friends, travel, and word of mouth.

My background in food includes equal parts culinary school (Jerusalem Culinary Institute- thanks Chef Zev) and living next to the Mahane Yehuda shuk, or marketplace, in Jerusalem. Now I live in Chicago with my husband and lil’ baby Y. I’m the founder and chef of the kosher pop-up supper club Rimon Chicago.

I hope you enjoy the blog! Feel free to get in touch with any thoughts or food-type questions!


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