Ask a mildly well-informed epicure, edition #1

I got some fan mail this week.



By “fan mail,” I mean the following query:

Dear Kosher Epicurean,

My wife won’t eat eggplant, the national vegetable of Israel! What can I do to trick her into liking it? 
Chatziliciously yours,
Starving in the Holy Land

The “Underground” isn’t so underground anymore…


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It takes me quite a while to work my way through the various publications we get in the mail, but when they are food related I dedicate myself to the task and persist until I have devoured every last word. The recent food issue of the New Yorker, which was delightful from cover to cover, featured a piece on the rise of the underground supper club. Those who know me will know this is an issue quite close to my heartContinue reading

Lazy Sunday Brunch- With a Twist

Hello there!



ImageHow was your weekend? Mine was quite lovely. We had an old friend in town for the weekend, which always call for a great brunch. Because of the kosher rules that prohibit the mixing of milk and meat, I almost always opt for a dairy brunch – cheesy omelets, buttery pancakes (well actually buttermilk pancakes- always buttermilk! But that’s a story for a different time), coffee with cream, you get the idea.  Continue reading