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‘CHINESE’ ON CHRISTMAS, or All I want for Christmas is Wagyu

I suppose that in a way this is the first year I’ve really thought a lot about Christmas.










Christmas Eve was the night of my supper club Rimon Chicago’s second event. It was, to summarize very briefly, an absolute blast.
The pictures above tell most of the story, but a couple of snippets anyway-

An invigorating cocktail. Have you ever smelled a kaffir lime leaf? I sort of think that if kaffir lime leaves were more widely available, nobody would need drugs. They are the most intensely refreshing item I have ever come across. Our cocktail had a simple syrup infused with kaffir lime and ginger, which was the perfect kick-in-the-pants cocktail to start the flavor fest that followed.

A great crowd of old and new friends. There was a wonderful mix of folks that came to us from many different places. A childhood friend of mine in town for the holidays, a lovely couple that learned about Rimon through my article in Jewcy, friends of friends who just like to eat and have a good time!

Special green. No, not that kind. The surprise hit of the evening was a sauce I made to accompany stuffed lychees and forbidden black rice. It was an ethereal combination of herbs, spicy peppers, and unusual flavors like lemongrass and coconut. The result was an intense burst of flavor followed by a serious blast of heat.

A fortune cookie to remember. A couple was celebrating their thirty-third anniversary with us, which was exciting enough. We wanted to do something super memorable to make their evening exceptional. We found a reason to get the husband into the kitchen, where he wrote a special message to his wife. We tucked it into her mango-basil-chili fortune cookie and delivered it during dessert. She was completely shocked to open her cookie and find the beautiful note. It was a really special moment, and at the end of the day that’s what this is really all about!


The happy couple and their special note

I’m already so excited for our next event. It has been such an adventure so far, sourcing fantastic ingredients, meeting great people, and creating new dishes for Chicago kosher keepers to enjoy. It’s also pretty great to get all the leftovers…


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4 responses to “‘CHINESE’ ON CHRISTMAS, or All I want for Christmas is Wagyu

  1. Jacob ⋅

    Mmmmmmmm….when’s the next Rimon??

  2. Hi Jacob! We’ll be announcing the date this week. Email rimonchicago[at] to get on the mailing list!

  3. Can’t wait for the next one!!

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